Meet The Wouxun KG-UVN1 DMR Dual Band Hand Held, A Review By KG7GUO

Well Hello DMR Fans, Rick here for
Last time, we took a look at the Wouxun KG-D901, today we are looking at the KG-UVN1.

The KG-UVN1 is the Dual Band Hand Held DMR Digital radio from Wouxun.

Lets start with a quick look at the highlights of the radio taken from the Wouxun website:

  • 3072 Channels
  • 1024 Contacts
  • 255 Receiving Groups
  • 250 Zones
  • 16 Scan List
  • Radio ID
  • Radio TX Contacts
  • Dual Band and Dual Display
  • Radio Color Code
  • Support Frequency Mode
  • Program Key
  • Digital Voice Encryption
  • Emergency Alarm
  • VOX Function
  • Priority Channel
  • Scan TX Designated Channel
  • Low Battery Power Off
  • One Touch Access / Talk Around
  • Radio Program Password
  • Menu Encryption or Menu Hide
  • Power Save Mode
  • Group Scan
  • Tail Elimination
  • Text Message
  • Radio Disable or Enable
  • Lone Work
  • ARTS Function
  • Flash Light
  • Call Alert
  • CTCSS Encoding and Decoding , Support Non Standard
  • Digital Channel Recording , Continuous Record 8 Hours
  • Play Recording File
  • Customized Radio Interface
  • DTMF Encoding and Decoding
  • Transmit Time-out Alert
  • FM Radio
  • Fimware Upgradable

Now, let me share what I consider the Pro's and Con's based on comparison to the KG-D901.

  • SMS spacing issue fixed. (The UVN1 does have spaces between words on SMS)
  • Doesn’t drop out of menu's when receiving. (You are able to stay in menu during calls)
  • Dual Band VHF/UHF (The UVN1 is dual band/dual display)

  • Audio sounds fuzzy, not as clear as 901. (There is a little crackle on receive audio)
  • Screen is dim in daylight. (Screen is difficult to see when outdoors)
  • Menu’s are slow to respond. (Seems to be a little lag switching between menu's)

First Impressions:

My overall first impressions of the UVN1 are, it feels like a solid radio, the buttons have a good feel when pressed, firm but not to hard to press and they don't press super easy. Some radios, you can accidentally press buttons just by picking it up. 

When I programmed the UVN1 the first time, I noticed Zone's and RX Groups were not being saved to the radio.  I emailed Wouxun and they quickly sent me update programming software. The updated software fixed the issues of No Zones or RX Groups being written to radio. 

I have had a few QSO's with the UVN1, and the reports I am getting is the audio sounds great.  I am impressed with the audio reports on both the 901 and the UVN1.  

I have mostly used the UVN1 in Digital mode, but I have also had a QSO in analog and have no issues. Works very well. 

Programming Software:

Programming the UVN1 is pretty straight forward, if you have programmed any DMR radio, it will be nothing you are not already use to. Fairly similar to any other radio including the 901, the TYT MD-380 or the Radioddity GD-77.

Closing Thoughts:

In my closing thoughts, I will say, as I mentioned in the review of the 901, I think Wouxun makes a great radio, and they could very well become a competitor in the DMR Radio market. 

Since acquiring the 901 and the UVN1, I notice Wouxun has added two additional DMR radios to their line up.  The 2 newest ones are models without a display.  Wouxun now offers six DMR radio's.

I really do believe Wouxun could be a competitor in the DMR arena, the radios are well built, solid and sound great.

KG7GUO (Rick)

I would really love to try one of the Wouxun Radios without a display next....But I can't buy every radio. Hi Hi :-)


Baudwalk said…
What is the codeplug file format? RDT? I wonder if the N0GSG Contact Manager software can manipulate the file. Thanks.
- de W2XQ

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