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New Forum Website "ChatAcrossBorders"

 Hello to everyone who follows this blog.   Sorry I havent been very active on here. I haven't done much with DMR lately, as I kinda lost interest in it.  Our local DMR repeater isn't working and the owner won't fix it because there isn't much use. So I am pretty much just back to using good ole analog. But I did create a new website in the last couple weeks, its a forum for chatting about basically whatever...but I do have a Ham Radio thread. There is also threads for Home built wind/solar, DIY projects etc. Take a look at that if you would like, its new, so I am trying to get the word out so it will become more active.  There is a place to suggest forum topics, if you would like a thread for something, just say so and I will make it happen. Check out ChatAcrossBorders That's about it for now. 73's Rick KG7GUO