The Wouxun KG-UVN1 Update...DMR User Database Now Supported.

The Wouxun KG-UVN1 now supports the DMR User Database.

Hello DMR Fans, Rick here, KG7GUO for  I have some very exciting news for you.

Wouxun has updated the Firmware for the KG-UVN1 and the Programming Software, I am pleased to announce, the KG-UVN1 now supports the DMR User Database.

It will now allow 160,000 DMR User Contacts, and 10,000 TX (Talk Group) contacts.
This is an awesome update.

To make this possible, they reduced the record time for recording call audio from 8 hours down to 2 hours, which is not a big deal, because how often do you need to record your calls anyway?  I don't ever have a need to use this feature, but some may like it.

This update pretty much makes the UVN1 my favorite radio of the radios I own.

The import process is pretty simple and straight forward.

From the programming software, simply click on program and select Dmr Database.

Click on Import and select the file you want to import.  I grabbed the Raw file from

The raw file had all of the fields listed above except for the "Nickname" field, so I added a column to the CSV file to the right of the "Name" column and named it "Nickname". I did not have to put any data in to that column, just left it blank.  Without that column, it would not load the file because it was missing that field. But once I added that field in the csv file, BOOM, it loaded the file, then simply write it to the radio.

And just like that, my KG-UVN1 now displays the Database info of the person talking.

I really like how the Call Sign is displayed in red.

This update makes the Wouxun KG-UVN1 a radio that is fully functional and capable of doing what any of the other brand radios can do.

I am really pleased with this radio, especially with this new AWESOME Update. 

Huge Kudo's to Wouxun for making this happen...I love it.

73's to all, See You Down The Log


震電 said…
Hi Rick.I purchased a KG-UVN1 too, just it on shipping. The seller said that update version decrease the time of record to 2.8 hours. Have you tested it?
Unknown said…
Hello Dear KG7GUO 73´s

I would like to know how I can to do upgrade the KG -UVN1
Thank for your help
Jose Damas
EI7DF said…
Many thanks Rick for your post on the KG-UVN1. I got mine in the post earlier today, followed your post and it's working 100%
73's de Rod EI7DF
rickhunt said…
To answer the one question, yes, they did reduce the record time to allow room for the contact data base. I actually suggested they do that after the first version did not have a database option.

Second question on how to update it, download latest firmware from

To Rod EI7DF, glad to hear its working great.

I could not figure out how to reply to individual comments, so I did them all at one.
Sorry for the delay and responding, been a bit busy and sort have neglected this blog. I need to get back in to posting.

73's KG7GUO
Alfie said…
Looking for the upgrade file for KG-UVN1
rickhunt said…
I had a link to the upgrade file but it no longer works. I suggest checking on for an updated version.

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