What should my Admit Criteria be set to?

What should my Admit Criteria be set to on my DMR Radio?

Great question, and I am glad you asked.  I will give you what I like to call the Best Practice.

Typically there are Three options in the Programming software for Admit Criteria on most if not all DMR radios.

Let's take a look at the three options, then we will break down each one.

  1. Always
  2. Channel Free
  3. Color Code

Always: If you set your admit criteria to Always, what this is gonna do is set your radio so you can key the mic at any time, regardless of other traffic or conversations (QSO's) that may be in progress.

Selecting this option would NOT be a Best Practice.  A courtesy Amateur radio operator is not one who wants to deliberately talk over the top of someone else.  This would remind me of the old CB radio days when you had the "Big Strapper's" out there that would like to key up and say "Squish"
Yes, I am an old CB'er, but no, I was not one of those people. LOL

Channel Free: If you set your admit criteria to Channel Free, This will prohibit you from keying up your mic if there is any activity on the channel at all for that frequency using the same color code as you. Yes, this option is courteous, but the drawback is, if there is any interference or intermod on the channel, you will not be able to transmit.

Color Code: If you set your Admit Criteria to Color Code, this allows you to transmit (Key your mic), anytime there is no activity in progress for the channel you are on, for the same color code and Time Slot you are on.  

This would be considered the Best Practice of a courteous DMR user.  Selecting this option will let you key your mic as long as there is no one talking on that Time Slot.  There can be a conversation going on on Time Slot 1, and you could still key up and talk on a talk group that was on Time slot 2, because Time Slot 1 and Time Slot 2 are independent of each other and can carry separate conversations. 

 I will add, that there is no Set in Stone rule regarding this, however, this would be the "Best Practice" of a courteous and considerate Amateur radio operator.

I find most Ham's are respectful and courteous.  I am writing this post, because there are numerous new users to DMR daily, and well, to put it blunt, programming them can be a pain in the rear.

There is a lot of settings and the new comers may not know what this setting is, and how it effects the operation and conversations of other users.

I could very easily get in to some other "Best Practices", but I don't want to overwhelm you with to much just yet.

So for now, we will keep it simple and just focus this post on the Admit Criteria topic.

I taught myself how to program and tame these DMR beasts, so if there is something you want to know regarding programming, drop it in the comments, and I will answer you to the best of my knowledge.

Thanks for reading, hope I was able to help at least one person.
73's....KG7GUO (Rick)


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