Taking a look at the OS UV-8000 2 Way analog Radio

I recently purchased the OS UV-8000 radio. 

It is multi band radio that has a sleek look and seems to work very well.

This is not a DMR radio, it is analog only.

I saw it on AliExpress, and noticed most of the reviews said it did not have any software and they were unable to program it. Challenge Accepted. LOL.

Turns out, it wasn't much of a challenge, I reached out to a supplier on Alibaba, and was sent the software very promptly.

This is a nice little radio that will do 2 meter, 1.25 meter, 70cm and GMRS (technically not certified for GMRS use, but when has that stopped anyone)

I did a short video review below

Its really a neat little radio, I am rather fond of it. 

Some of the specifications are

Freq range 136-520mhz
199 Channel Storage
Channel Selection Knob on top
Programmable Side Key Buttons
FM Radio
Dual Receive
Color Screen
Repeater Capable

If you would like to take a look at it on AliExpress, here is a link

OS UV-8000

I have purchased about 6 new analog radios recently, so be on the lookout for more radio reviews.  One of them being the Radtel RN15, which is like the B-tech GMRS Pro, but it is full 400-480mhz with GPS and APRS, and global chat capable thru the bluetooth app.  I will be reviewing that unit shortly. 

73's KG7GUO/WRYB473


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