Wouxun KG-D901 Review

Wouxun KG-D901

I recently purchased a new DMR radio to add to my collection.  The Wouxun KG-D901 Digital DMR radio.

I currently also own a TYT MD-380 and a Radioddity GD-77.

While the Wouxun does not have a lot of Bells and Whistles, I have become very fond of it.

The Radio has a lot of nice features, but it does have a couple of quirks.  I will try to point out the Pro's and Con's.

  • Color Screen, easy to read
  • Good audio quality
  • Feels great in the hand
  • Easy to program
  • Lighted Keypad

  • When in the menu, if there is activity on the radio it drops you out of the menu
  • When sending SMS, it runs all the words together without spaces
  • No firmware updates
  • Can Not add the User Database

Overall, it is a well built radio that feels nice in the hand.  It has a lot of potential.  I hope Wouxun continues to make DMR radios, I think they are on the right track. 

I see on the Wouxun website, there is a couple other DMR radios that I can not find available for purchase anywhere.  Not sure when they will be available, but would love the opportunity to try and review those models as well.

Though the KG-D901 is no AnyTone or ConnectSystems, it is one of my new favorite DMR radios.

Thanks for reading my quick review, comment if you have any questions about this radio and I will try and answer them.

You can check out all the technical specs of the radio at the Wouxun Website

** UPDATE ** 2/16/2019
So I have been communicating with Danny at Wouxun, I was inquiring about the new KG-UVN1, the dual band DMR, but we have also just been chatting and building a friendship (at least I think so). Anyway, he quoted me a price on the new UVN1,  but then I asked if the bugs that are in the 901 have been resolved in the UVN1.  He asked what bugs I was referring to, I explained as mentioned above, and he asked for my firmware version number, and if I could make a video showing the bugs.

So this is what I came up with, certainly not a professional quality video, but you try operating 2 radios while trying to hold the phone and record. haha.  Anyway, I am sharing this here, in case any of my readers want to know more about the bugs or quirks as I like to call them, that I mentioned above.


sv7gbi said…
73, I have a question for you. were you able to enter in the "developer mode" , cause it is asking for password? Do you happen to know which is it?

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