Is DMR Radio REAL radio?

Is DMR radio REAL radio?

As Digital Mobile Radios (DMR) gain in popularity, there are some that question whether or not DMR radios are real. Most DMR radios offer Digital and Analog (FM) for accessing your favorite local repeaters. Radios like the Radioddity GD-77 offer VHF/UHF. So why does this question come up at all.




Ham radio operators.

Ham radio operators over the years have found a niche that they are comfortable in, and then stagnate in that mode. Whether it be Digital computer communications, or SSB HF. Their are always those that are going to balk at the new modes coming out. This happened throughout the history of Amateur radio. If it wasn't for the advancement we have made, we would still be using spark gap generators.


I have always enjoyed CW operations, using ancient transmitters and receivers. These tube type radios are fun for me to operate. Would those be considered real radios. DMR radio DO operate on the Amateur Radio bands, transmitting a digital signal to a hotspot or repeater. The only difference is the distance the signal travels. A hotspot set up at your house may be a few feet away from you. A repeater may be up to 60 miles away. With my DMR radio I can enjoy local conversations on the Analog repeaters, and talk to friends worldwide on the DMR system.

In my current situation, I find that the HF bands are not usable at all. The noise levels are S9 plus most days from 80M all the way up 6M. This makes VHF/UHF my only option if I want to be active on the ham bands. DMR radio is a perfect solution for me. I can monitor on TAC 310 when I want to hear chatter from all over the US, and sometimes Worldwide. When I want to talk with someone locally, I can still go to a local repeater. I have access to Talk Groups from the PNW region, as well as anywhere else in the world.

So, is DMR radio REAL radio? Leave a comment and let me know what you think of DMR Radio.

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The Big Guy said…
Of course it is "real" radio. That thing I am holding in my hands is ... a radio! I am communicating over the electro-magnetic spectrum. So, is it "real radio"??? Well, of course it is ... only better because it is clear, reliable and allows easy voiuce com worldwide. Simpole solution to the conundrum - if you don't think it's real, don't use it. Whats the question again?


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